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Painting for Nursery October 20, 2011

Filed under: Current Projects — willandlauren @ 2:46 pm

So, there are so many great decals out now to put on your walls. However, all theof ones I found (of big trees) on Etsy that I liked for the baby room were around $100 and I was worried about them sticking to our walls. Since we are renting I didn’t want to paint on the walls either…so I decided to find another canvas–a lovely old door. I found a great one at Resource and was again hooked up with a great deal by my friend Andrew Rottner. Here are some pics:


We found an old brass knob in the garage that I had bought to make a coat rack (but never got around to) and painted it yellow. I also took steel wool to the knob and some sand paper to the door edges to give back some of the old feel to it.  I wanted to find a tall skinny tree image to work from and found one in a book I was reading to Liam with great whimsical illustrations of trees and animals. Looking forward to putting it up in the baby room (securely!) and getting the rest of the room together.


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