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Liam’s “Big Boy” Room (& Cheap! Decorations) November 8, 2011

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With Baby #2 arriving in the next couple of months, we decided to update Liam’s room and get him a twin bed. Here are some pics:

The Bed–painted headboard ($5 for headboard and rails, $3 for sample size paint), bedding from Target.

Artwork is simply some wood cut into squares from Resource, turquoise paint that I had, some modge podge glue and artwork cut out from an old Children’s book I found that was falling apart. The most expensive part of the project was the $4 brackets I put on the back in order to hang them (total cost, maybe $10?).


This photo of an old truck (photo by itself below)  is one we took recently when in Taos, NM. We had the frame sitting around–so this is another super cheap decoration ($4 for the 8×10 print).

This banner is jsut paper triangles on ribbon (pack of paper with animal stickers and cut-outs was $7 at Marshalls).

Liam enjoying his new room! No real theme going on–trucks and animals!? He’s been sleeping in the twin bed at night, but still in the crib for naps right now. I think he likes it though! We’re setting up the nursery too–I’ll post pics of it soon.