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Elisabeth’s Nursery December 22, 2011

Filed under: Current Projects — willandlauren @ 9:06 pm

I actually finished this before Ellie was born (Dec. 1st), but just hadn’t had the chance to post pics. Here are some pics of her room:

Painting by my friend Annette Lessman.

The dresser I painted at our old house and had been using it for art supplies. I liked it here though. The photographs (you can’t see very well) are of my grandmothers and great-grandmothers.

Here is the door I painted, in the room now.

I made the mobile out of pre-cut butterflies (white) and some butterflies I cut out of some great paper Will gave me as a gift. I used jewelry clear string, beads, a white painted embroidery ring and some ribbons.

I loved this fabric (bought is at a little shop in Taos, NM) and just stapled it onto some wooden boards (cut into squares). My mom made a throw pillow out of it too for the room. We found the shelf at Savers for $5 and I painted it yellow. I have added some paper flowers to the jars and a small frame since this photo was taken.

So fun making this room for her! Crazy that she is here and we are using it now. She is definitely the cutest part of the room.


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