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Elisabeth’s Nursery December 22, 2011

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I actually finished this before Ellie was born (Dec. 1st), but just hadn’t had the chance to post pics. Here are some pics of her room:

Painting by my friend Annette Lessman.

The dresser I painted at our old house and had been using it for art supplies. I liked it here though. The photographs (you can’t see very well) are of my grandmothers and great-grandmothers.

Here is the door I painted, in the room now.

I made the mobile out of pre-cut butterflies (white) and some butterflies I cut out of some great paper Will gave me as a gift. I used jewelry clear string, beads, a white painted embroidery ring and some ribbons.

I loved this fabric (bought is at a little shop in Taos, NM) and just stapled it onto some wooden boards (cut into squares). My mom made a throw pillow out of it too for the room. We found the shelf at Savers for $5 and I painted it yellow. I have added some paper flowers to the jars and a small frame since this photo was taken.

So fun making this room for her! Crazy that she is here and we are using it now. She is definitely the cutest part of the room.


Liam’s “Big Boy” Room (& Cheap! Decorations) November 8, 2011

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With Baby #2 arriving in the next couple of months, we decided to update Liam’s room and get him a twin bed. Here are some pics:

The Bed–painted headboard ($5 for headboard and rails, $3 for sample size paint), bedding from Target.

Artwork is simply some wood cut into squares from Resource, turquoise paint that I had, some modge podge glue and artwork cut out from an old Children’s book I found that was falling apart. The most expensive part of the project was the $4 brackets I put on the back in order to hang them (total cost, maybe $10?).


This photo of an old truck (photo by itself below)  is one we took recently when in Taos, NM. We had the frame sitting around–so this is another super cheap decoration ($4 for the 8×10 print).

This banner is jsut paper triangles on ribbon (pack of paper with animal stickers and cut-outs was $7 at Marshalls).

Liam enjoying his new room! No real theme going on–trucks and animals!? He’s been sleeping in the twin bed at night, but still in the crib for naps right now. I think he likes it though! We’re setting up the nursery too–I’ll post pics of it soon.


Painting for Nursery October 20, 2011

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So, there are so many great decals out now to put on your walls. However, all theof ones I found (of big trees) on Etsy that I liked for the baby room were around $100 and I was worried about them sticking to our walls. Since we are renting I didn’t want to paint on the walls either…so I decided to find another canvas–a lovely old door. I found a great one at Resource and was again hooked up with a great deal by my friend Andrew Rottner. Here are some pics:


We found an old brass knob in the garage that I had bought to make a coat rack (but never got around to) and painted it yellow. I also took steel wool to the knob and some sand paper to the door edges to give back some of the old feel to it.  I wanted to find a tall skinny tree image to work from and found one in a book I was reading to Liam with great whimsical illustrations of trees and animals. Looking forward to putting it up in the baby room (securely!) and getting the rest of the room together.


For Sale: Table and chair set September 10, 2011

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Here is my first project that I will be selling! I found this table and chair set that is perfect for a small kitchen. It has a small leaf to make a round table oval-shaped. I also found this set at Salvation Army for a steal (half off!).

Here are before pictures:

The challenge here is that the table top is veneer (fake wood!) but the rest is hard wood. I have painted veneer before but it chips and scratches easily. I found this blog: Living with Lindsay, a mom who re-finishes furniture also and has great ideas for decorating as well. She walked me through the process of finishing veneer, even suggesting what products (what grain of sand paper and what primer) to use.  I am learning that some of my early projects were a bit rushed and the finish will not last as long. True to life–I need to slow down and enjoy the process. It may take two weeks instead of two days, but hopefully I will have better quality at the end.

Here are a few after pictures. It ended up taking me a few weeks as I worked on some other projects too, but it is finally done. I found this great upholstery fabric on sale and chose the paint colors to match. The fabric was easy to work with and I just used a staple gun to wrap them like little presents.

I am consigning this set at Joyful Furniture in Boulder: http://www.joyfulfurniture.com/.



Lovely Chairs September 5, 2011

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Will brought these two chairs home from Resource (in Boulder) for $5 each. He thought I might re-do them and sell them, but I loved them too much and decided they would be great at the ends of our dining room table. Here are the befores (above) and the afters (below).

In the same lucky trip, Will found another great $5 chair. It just needed some new fabric and wood polish. I found a great remnant for $3 at Joanne’s Fabric. We put it at the desk in the sunroom/study room. 




The Coffee Table Challenge August 29, 2011

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I found this coffee table at Salvation Army in Boulder for $12 and saw some potential. We need a coffee table with rounded edges (so Liam–my two year old–can’t hurt himself too badly) and I liked the table top with different wood directions.

Phase One: Here is the table after I stripped the varnish off but before sanding it down.

My shopping list included: citrus paint stripper, my first power tool (an electric sander, dark brown wood stain–for the top, cream paint–for the legs, clear varnish to prevent scratches and water stains.

Staining is intimidating to me! My first attempt at stripping and staining a piece was a bathroom cabinet door at our first house. It was a big improvement from the floral painting that was on the door, but I had some unevenness and darker spots that I was not too happy with. So, my back up plan here is to just paint the whole thing if staining goes awry. One challenge with this table is that the wood inlays on top are thin and when I sanded it I chipped a corner and also some edges frayed. I am wondering if these edges stain darker or if they will blend in. We will see!

Phase Two: I am a failure at staining! Or maybe, prepping to stain. It looked great all conditioned and ready to stain, but every unevenness and every time I didn’t go with the grain when sanding showed. Honestly, it looked worse than when I first started (the pictures don’t quite capture the ugliness)! So, Yay for paint!! I will try staining something else again, but I will need wood that goes all one direction, and maybe a tutor who is a seasoned pro.



Phase Three:  Paint! I found a fun color combination at Home Depot and decided to try it. I’m happy with how it turned out–but poor thing had to go through a lot. I think I must have learned something though–maybe to stick to paint for awhile!

Final version